Thursday, March 5, 2015

Should Marijuana Money Go To Tax Revenues or Drug Cartels?

Those are the only two choices.

Perhaps one of the reasons the issue of marijuana is so contentious is because there is no perfect solution to the question.

For many, however, the bottom line of the issue is the bottom line of the finances.  Here, we have only two choices:  Either marijuana revenue will go to law-abiding companies and tax receipts; or, THE MONEY WILL GO TO THE DRUG CARTELS!

Some anti-pot pundits will quickly point out that it is nonsense to think that the drug cartels will disappear if MJ is legalized.  This is probably true.  However, after four decades, it's clear that the Drug War won't stop the drug cartels either!

How ironic!  Those who espouse that the drug cartels would certainly survive marijuana legalization are half-way to realizing and admitting that the Drug War itself is a continuing failure.

Which brings one back to the original, "lesser of two evils" question: Should these billions of dollars go to our government to help offset the social cost of legalization, or should the money go to the drug cartels so they can become even stronger and buy submarines to haul heroin unnoticed?

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Additionally, concerns about potency can only be effectively dealt with through regulation; a cap, for example.  There are several drugs currently on the market that have an over the counter strength and a prescription strength.  Perhaps consideration should be given to a similar situation with marijuana.

No, legalization of marijuana probably will not cause the complete destruction of the drug cartels, but it WILL take away billions of dollars annually from their ghastly objectives of murder and corruption for market share of MJ.

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Over 60,000 people have been killed by the cartels in Mexico alone; including police officers, mayors, journalists and children.  These people didn't die from smoking marijuana.  They were murdered because of the black market on marijuana.  Ending prohibition would save thousands of such lives in the future.

(Published 3/3/15 by The Daily Courier: Link to the Courier Article Here )


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